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Founder Evan Morrison began working with computer systems during the mid 90s.  He’s watched the technology industry grow and mature– and typically stays one step ahead of the developers. He’s now an expert with Windows 7 and Windows XP and delivers affordable technical support year after year. In the computer support industry his experience is highly valued as he is that rare commodity: competent. Evan cites the self-teaching nature of his daily work as the world’s best trainer in how to manage technology.

As the guy who fixes the computer, he’s spent years fixing the virus infection, replacing the failed hard drive, upgrading to Windows 7 and fixing all sorts of Portland computer problems that you won’t have if you call. You can bring his Portland technical support experience from hundreds of clients to your computer support needs.


Evan is a highly ethical business owner and does the things that he can to keep his Portland green business working towards a sustainable environment.

Contact Evan: 503.936.6680 or evan@mytechpdx.com

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We are a local business and we work at your home or office.

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