Green Technology Practices in Portland

We work with a number of green practices– and we think that those practices illustrate our commitment to simplicity and common sense.

Simple Ideas about Green Computing and low power Computing:

We seek and recommend products and practices that can help you to use tech electricity in more sustainable ways. For instance, recharging a laptop during non-peak hours helps reduce the need for coal-generated electricity (since we’re techies we know that power plant capacities and coal burn rates are determined by peak hour usage). Another nifty trick is to use a simple power strip- but put it on top of the desk where you can reach the switch and turn it all off! A single flick to zap the power to monitors, printers and other gizmos that attach to your computer.

And, of course we do configure Portland Oregon computers to be as green as possible in their internal power usage and in their (spooky voice) afterlife.