What We Do

• Technical Support • Home Network Design
• Failed Hard Drive Replacement • Home Entertainment Systems
• Laptop Repair • Technology Planning and Management
• Data Migration and Backups • Expert service in Windows XP, Vista, and 7

What are your technology needs today? Next week? Next year?

The MyTechPDX “No-Attitude” promise: Evan Morison and his team are committed to working with you and your technology at your level. We never belittle anyone for asking a question–we just answer the question. MyTechPDX is committed to hearing from you about what you expect from your technology. We don’t work on solutions until we understand how YOU define the problem.

Technology should be useful, not a problem! MyTechPDX is not a technology company- we’re a company about people working with technology. Understanding you and how you are working with the technology for you is our primary goal. We listen carefully, avoid speaking techno-babble, and are confident that we can help you to reach your goals. Even simple goals like “make it work right now.”

MyTechPDX provides expert assistance, advice and consulting on virtually any technology that you use in your home or office. Is this a Computer Help Desk for your house? YES! And when we say ANY technology, we mean it: we’re happy to discuss your home automation needs, PDAs, smart phones, and whatever else gizmo you might need help using.

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